A Bird’s Eye View On Spirituality

For people who are on the verge of retirement or have entered this age of ‘relaxation’, spirituality is what everyone seems to be on the lookout in addition to love. There are many ways to find spirituality owing to the fact that spirituality is a very diverse term where people have equally diverse notion about this idea. Religion and meditation are among the popular means while others equally find solace in reading novels and poetry and not to forget travelling. The general idea among people is that everyone carries a certain impulse within themselves that connects them to something ulterior beyond oneself.

Some people are also of the opinion that the ‘state’ is something that need to be acquired by conceiving a certain aura around them while others claim to be always in that mode. It could be anything from a walk at the beach to something like roaming around under the thick canopy of a forest and experiencing feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. In fact being alone for a while on your own at times leads to self assessment that can in truth pave way for self improvement. In could be some religious service such as in a church where one may find bliss and harmony for oneself.

Spirituality also calls for equality among mankind. There is hardly any religion in the world that does not hold a belief in inner soul and that’s why this is something believed by everyone irrespective of their ethnic ideas. Given the fact that spirituality is a condition or states something that is not tangible it is often connected with love which is another feeling that is directly linked with self. Many of the retired people love their grandchildren and if asked they would definitely refer this love to something that generated peace and in short spirituality. Plus giving out donations, helping those in need are also great ways to achieve harmony for oneself.

In reality the closest or for some in realm that spirituality can be achieved when one is taken from consciousness and the mind is conveyed to another world of peace in short unconsciousness or may be sub consciousness. Some may also connect it with innovative moments, mystifying moments and all that experiences that take them to nature’s world in lieu of religion and belief in God.

Moreover, many of the practitioners of meditation link spirituality with the creation in fact the creator Himself. It is an exercise that connects one to his/her Creator which results in something of a creative uproar or rather a tumult in the depths of the soul. A physical being loses its authenticity, significance and gets converted to a prospective state of happening or doing.

Many people have also been reported to share their experiences and translate it to a feeling that renders them to a complete being giving them a reason to live and yearning to outdo one in all aspects of life especially in the emotional well being of oneself which also develops the morality of an individual.

How to find your spirituality

No one is able to define spirituality perfectly and the word has a different meaning for different individuals. It is basically an inner feeling with which a person can discover the reason of his/her existence. It may be defined as the reason why people live. Different people may have a different opinion if they dig deep inside and search for a meaning within themselves. For some people, it can be a way of connecting to the reality by using different spiritual practices. A lot of people prefer using these practices as it gets them inner peace which no other thing in the world can get. Spirituality is also related with being closer to God.

There are several different ways by which an individual can get inner peace by being spiritually active. One of these ways is the use of meditation. A lot of people think that the practice is not effective but in truth, this is the best way of achieving peace. Meditation is practiced all over the world by numerous people and almost everyone can easily do it. A lot of people have tried this and have failed and therefore, they don’t want to practice it again. However, you need to be patient when trying to meditate. It takes a lot of time before one can be perfect in meditation. With time, patience and practice, you can get closer to God and can achieve spiritual peace.

Another common way is to seek for the things that make you feel good in the inside. You should focus towards the things that make you feel happy and things which you are grateful for. Different people like different things. One might like the feeling of holding a newborn baby, another might like spending time in nature and the third person might enjoy reading books. If you feel that these things bring out the best in you, then you should take some time to do these things regularly in order to be active spiritually.

Another new technique in being spiritually active is writing accomplishment logs. Every day you accomplish or do something which someone else might not have done. This is a victory situation for you and you should maintain a separate diary which includes everyday accomplishments. This is a great way of being grateful and attaining inner peace. These things should make you proud of yourself.

Another way is to practice emotional freedom techniques. This is one of the ways by which you can eliminate guilt, fears and worries.

Praying is the most important thing when you look to achieve peace. This is possibly the best way by which you can get closer to god and can attain peace. You should seek the presence of God and should be grateful to whatever you own. Praying removes all worries, fears, anxiety and can remove your depression. The prayers are always answered when you give it over and it is guaranteed that this is the best way by which you can get achieve your spirituality.

What it Takes to Battle through a WSOP Tournament

It takes a lot of things to battle through a grueling world series of poker tournament and you’ll need to be well prepared in order to make it through the action. Even the poker pros find it difficult to go through such a difficult tournament and at times some pros have even had meltdowns on camera due to the hectic action.

A WSOP tournament usually has anywhere from 2000-5000+ players and you’ll need to be ready to play poker for days on end. There are schedules for the tournament and you don’t need to play if you don’t want to although you will lose blinds. The pocker tournament usually stretches for 5-10 days depending on how many players there are and everyday there is hours of action played in the poker room. Below I’m going to list some of the things you might want to have in order to survive a WSOP tournament.

* Patience and a solid poker strategy is the first thing you need to possess in a WSOP poker tournament. Without patience you won’t go anywhere because it takes days for a WSOP tournament to be decided. You can’t change that by playing aggressively and it will only cost you your tournament so make sure you play patiently and wait for your hands to come to you.

* You should also have some support at the tournament so that you can talk to someone when you’re in a funk or after a bad beat. It’s vital to have someone to talk to and take Hellmuth for example who always has his wife in the crowd so he can talk to her.

* If you know you won’t enjoy the table talk that goes on at a WSOP event then you should bring an Ipod or something so you can listen to music. It’s a lot better not to get involved with the table talk anyways as it only takes away from your game especially when playing against pros.

* You’ll need a good temper so that you can handle the bad beats you face in the tournament and you always need to be a good loser. Some players are horrible when they lose, but it creates a bad image for you at the poker table and you don’t want to be apart of this group in the poker world.

* Finally you’ll need the ability to play consistently or like a rock so that you make it through as far as possible. One bad move could cost you your entire tournament and if you’ve made it deep in the tournament you don’t want to be denied a money finish due to a bad play so make sure you’re consistent with how you play.

There are many only poker sites that give away seats to WSOP every year, sites like BigEdgePoker.com, Poker Stars.com and Full Tilt Poker. You’ll also need quite a bit of luck if you want to make it far into a WSOP tournament and even the pros will tell you that. If you go on a run and start hitting cards then you’d be surprised how quickly your chips stack can increase. Once it does increase you need to start playing cautiously because one bad move or day could cost you your entire tournament.

How Can Spirituality Help People?

Spirituality is all about yoga, reincarnation and karma. Are you in touch with your spirituality? Do you believe in life after death? Whatever your answer is, you need to know more about this universal topic that concerns everyone. In many world religions, spirituality is seen as a part of religious experience, so the word “spiritual” has long been used when we talk about religion. It can be defined as a method of self-knowledge that helps people to communicate with the One that is known as the Creator, through various ways.

Feng Shui is a form of Taoism spiritual manifestation, which is taught to help those who live in harmony with nature. Everyone can be helped if their Chi energy is positive. What is this? Well, Chi is some kind of energy that requires the alignment of the physical elements in the environment, in order to keep the balance between Ying and Yang.

Life after death is another topic that involves spirituality. Many people wonder if there is something after death. That is how the reincarnation theory was released, a very common belief in the Hinduism and the Buddhism. All scientists failed when they had to answer to this question, so life after death still remains an enigma, a taboo for many people who do not want to offend their own religions.

For example, in the Christian religion, life after death is accepted. The Christians believe that everyone who has been faithful in his earthly life will be rewarded by God with a life full of joy and fulfillment, after his death. This is all about the existence of Heaven and Hell.

Yoga is another religious experience that tends to spirituality. By practicing Yoga, people learn to be calmer and to find their own inner peace. Yoga exercises are related to meditation, which is the path to self-knowledge and wisdom. Meditation can be defined as a relaxation in the subconscious. Not many people can have an absolute meditative state of mind, but those of Asian religions do everything possible to succeed, like the one that they worship, Buddha. Not only these religions appeal to meditation, but also the Christian religions. Words like “meditate” and “meditation” are used 20 times in the Holy Bible. Regardless of your purposes, if you want to be relaxed and to rid of your daily concerns, you should try some meditation techniques that will help you calm down and escape from your contemporaneous world.

Spirituality can help people to become wiser and closer to God, through their strong and deep relationship with Him. It also helps them being more mature, so that they can take the correct decisions during their lives. Spirituality is the best way to high your spirit and to choose the right path. That is why people should try to find their own, by searching for spiritual meanings in nature, arts, music and others. Whether you are a religious person or not, your main goal should be finding your inner peace. For this reason, you need to relax and to establish a deep relationship with your own spirit.

Spirituality and Poker

For a long time it was believed that spiritual people didn’t play poker. This is not the case. Unless their spiritual beliefs strictly forbid gambling, many spiritual people still gamble and play poker. Jerry Yang is proof that spiritual people not only play poker but that they are very skilled players. Yang is a very devout Methodist. He is also a winner of the World Series of Poker.

The reason that so many people assume that spiritual people don’t play poker is because the spiritual person doesn’t broadcast their beliefs They remain quiet about their religious background and focus on playing the game. Most spiritual people know that there is a time and a place to talk about their beliefs and that the middle of a poker game isn’t it.


One of the signs that spirituality is starting to make an appearance in poker is the sudden use of hypnosis. Traditionally hypnosis is something that has always been considered something that was a spiritual thing, but lately poker players are starting to discover that they can use hypnosis to improve their poker game.

After undergoing hypnosis many players have noticed a couple of changes. The first is that they are more confident, they no longer spend a lot of energy worrying that they are making a wrong description Another perk is that through hypnosis a person can train their body to hide their body language, making it easier for them to bluff.


A person doesn’t necessarily have to be hypnotized to improve their poker game. One of the things that the person can do is start doing some spiritual yoga. The Buddhist use yoga to improve their state of mind. The same principles can be applied to poker. By regularly indulging in a regular yoga class, the poker player will learn how to center themselves. The calmer the poker player is, the less readable their body language is going to be. The other advantage to regular yoga classes is that it helps teach the poker players mind to focus and concentrate on the game.

If you are spiritual person who plays poker there are few things that you need to consider. It is extremely important to remember that not everyone sitting at the table is as interested in your religion as you are. You cannot push your spirituality in their face. You need to tone down your spirituality This means that you shouldn’t bring a bunch of your religious icons to the table with you. Try to keep your religious talismans to subtle jewelry. You also shouldn’t pray each time you are going to make a bet. If you need to pray, try to do it silently. The better you are about curbing your spirituality, the less risk you run of making your opponents uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that poker is still a game of skill. Don’t enter a poker game and hope that whichever higher power is going to make everything go your way. You still need to spend time researching the game, practicing, and honing your skills.

Playing Poker at Work

Work can be stressful. There are going to be days when you wonder how you can possible go on. One of the things that many people do to relieve stress is playing poker. Getting involved in a poker game will temporarily pull your mind away from the troubles you are dealing with and give you a chance to relax. In the past playing poker while you were at work was never an option. Now that has changed.

There are a couple of different ways that you can play poker while you are in the work environment

Play with your Buddies

The most entertaining way to play poker on Full Tilt is if you can get a few of your office mates together. When you are on a break you can get together and play one or two hands of poker. If your employer has rules about gambling on the job you don’t have to play for money. You can use candy or chores in lieu of money. The great thing about playing poker like this is that you can form a tight bond with your fellow co-workers.

Computer Software

Lots of computer programs have designed software that lets people play poker on their computer. The person slides their CD into the computer and starts playing. The great thing about this is that you are playing against the computer and not other people. This means that you aren’t playing for any money. You need to make sure that they software is compatible with the computer’s operating system.

Online Casinos

There are lots of online casinos that have very impressive poker rooms. Not only can you play in these rooms for real money, you can even participate in poker tournaments. If you are playing at work there are few things that you have to keep in mind. The first is that there is a good chance that your boss is monitoring your computer so you should use your own personal laptop instead of your work computer.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

The last thing you want is for your boss to catch you playing poker when you are supposed to be working. Most employers are willing to tolerate playing poker when you are on a break or lunch, they will be far less tolerant if you are doing it on company time. Make sure that you are working when you are supposed to. Since it is very easy to lose track of time when you are playing poker, you are going to have to come up with a way to pull yourself out of the game. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting some sort of alarm. Make sure that you set the alarm for a few minutes before you are supposed to be actually working.

Some employers such as the US Department of Labor have very strict rules regarding playing poker on the company property. This means that not only do they not want you to play poker on the office computer, they don’t want you playing poker anywhere on the property. If you have been told not to play poker, you need to stop immediately.

Betting System In Texas Holdem Poker – 5 Strategies For Clear Wins

There are various proven betting systems in Texas Hold’em poker that pros swear by for winning straight hands, so why not try some of the best betting strategies outlined below to try out a winning combination of luck and logical play?

* Strategy #1 Stealing Blinds – if you have the dealer button pressed, this is the best position to be playing this particular strategy in because every player will fold to you and you are the prime player to raise a big blind. This is termed as blind stealing simply because more often than not, the blinds tend to fold towards a raise. Remember, so long as it’s a big enough raise and even though every player makes a call, the bet can still be a good one with the pot getting bigger and you in prime position. So even if you have a low hand your chances of winning the pot are strong because you are in a position to represent the flop in a relatively easier manner.

* Strategy #2 Steal-raise – can be applied when you are the last player required to make a move after every other player has checked to you; now is the time to place your bet. However, remember to get one out of 2 things accomplished when you place a bet: either ensure a cheap flop by successfully limiting number of people or aim to get all other players to fold so you manage to steal the pot when you place your steal-raise bet. This is a pretty common occurrence, so be careful not to overuse it to avoid your opponents reading your move too easily. This strategy works best if you hold a nut-flush draw or similar strong drawing hand since it causes most players to check to the player raising (which is you) and on hitting your flush, you can claim a bigger pot!

* Strategy #3 Check-raise – is a simple but effective strategy in Texas Hold’em poker that requires you to check to your rival in the hope that the opponent will lay a bet enabling you to overcome them with a bigger betting amount! Great for those who enjoy slow play, this common technique is mostly avoided by pro players and thus, can bring good consistent wins for amateurs since having a strong hand and following a check-raise can upset stronger players to lose their strategic thinking and give you the upper hand.

* Strategy #4 Making a Feeler Bet – the approach of this bet is similar to another technique called the opener, however, this can occur post-flop also. For slow hands and with all players limiting moves to checking, it makes sense to lay a feeler bet to test the waters. This enables you to determine if the opponent has a strong hand or not and make the right move, with the chances being high for your rival folding. Of course, sometimes your opponent may come over the top but knowing the strength of his hand, you can use this information to beat his play!

* Strategy #5 Place a Squeezing bet – when you want to limit your rival player’s pot odds during a game that is short-handed. This is best followed when your hand is strong and you have managed to place your rival in a position calling for a draw of some kind. Chances are strong that your rival will resist hitting a draw enabling you to place a bet and by doing so, you can compel your opponent to pay for a chase after the draw is hit. This strategy too, helps increase your chances of winning a larger pot if your opponents do not fold to avoid a risk of chasing a draw.

Player Biography – Annie Duk

One of the most respected names in tournament poker is Annie Duke’s who professional poker champ, Phill Hellmuth describes thus: “Annie is the best all-around woman poker player in the world today” and this is a statement that even her detractors (there wouldn’t be many, we are sure) cannot deny.

Considering her rather conventional upbringing and slant towards educational fields, this Concord, New Hampshire born lady poker champ went to school at St. Paul and thereafter graduated from Columbia University with a double major in English and Psychology. One would be hard pressed to understand the shift in her career focus to pro poker when all her educational life pointed to more academic pursuits and a job in lines more suited to subjects she dedicated a good 3-4 years of her life to.

Yes, Annie even went in for a doctoral degree at the University of Pennsylvania where she chose psycholinguistics for her higher studies but once the poker bug bit her, Annie ditched her study program in pursuit of more entertaining and rewarding aspects of a truly thrilling card game.

Her brother, Howard Lederer, had been playing pro poker for some time and he introduced her to the game; from that moment onwards, Annie went on to play in higher-limit tournament poker sessions and many other Las Vegas based events.

She has 4 children and is a devoted family person, a fact that distinguishes Annie from other poker stars who would be in a fix to choose attending a child’s play or going to a poker tournament – but for Annie that’s a no-brainer because her kids will always have a priority over her career choice of pro poker no matter what.

But, warm family sentiments don’t stop Annie from continuing to play tough poker games or even sharing her knowledge of the game with other players, like actor Ben Affleck who had been training under Amir Vahedi but was happy to receive poker tutoring from Annie. He proved to be a darn good student too: Affleck won the $10,000 California State Poker Championship for the No Limit Hold’em event hosted at the Commerce Casino in June 2004, making Annie proud of her poker tutelage since Affleck raked in $356,000 as the first prize!!

Annie’s 10th place during the WSOP $10,000 main event even as she was in her 8th month of pregnancy (her third child) only goes to show that having a family and playing pro poker don’t have to be two different things. Annie’s first WSOP bracelet came to her for her $2000 Omaha High-Lo tournament win in 2004, which proved to be a good year for her because she also won first prize at the ESPN WSOP tournament titled ‘Champions Invitational’ – a solid two million dollars!!

That was certainly welcome progress from her 2nd place in the 1999 Limit Hold’em event and the 2003 WSOP besides another second position in the Bellagio World Poker Classic for Omaha High Low.

Annie Duke’s most recent win is the 2010 title win at the NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship and continues to bring more glory to the game by also partnering with social service organizations to raise funds for humanitarian projects, like ‘Ante Up For Africa’ – a joint effort with Don Cheadle and Norman Epstein to help Darfur victims receive more than $400,000 from a WSOP event they jointly organized for their welfare.

How to Make Yourself Unreadable While Playing Poker

Bluffing is a great tactic to winning a game of poker. By studying the faces and actions of your opponents, you can strategically plan on bluffing them. But what if you are the one being bluffed and are being forced to fold secretly? The perfect way to have a very high chance to winning the pot is to bluff and make yourself “unreadable”.

What is “unreadable” in poker? This character ability, when mastered, will make the opponents hard to know your next move. Will you be raising? Or betting? Or checking? They will don’t know. So how will you make yourself unreadable?

First, you must change your betting actions. Don’t raise too often or call often. Consider betting a little or folding sometimes. If you have raised a lot of times during the previous rounds but have won only a few times, an opponent may have profiled you already.

Second, be aggressive. Just be sure that you are on the right table. If you are in a table that is full of aggressive, every player may have read each other entirely. Being in this kind of table is dangerous since there would be a lot of pre-flop raises and bets. Later, in the showdown, the entire big pot may be going to somebody making the others lose their entire chips. If you are a newbie, this table is too advanced for you.

Third, don’t show your cards. If you do show your cards when your cards are strong, they know that you play your games only when you are strong and that you have no ability in bluffing. Since you have to also bluff in games of poker, don’t show your cards. Doing this will make your style mysterious and unreachable.

Fourth, memorize your card. If you tend to check your cards every time a new card is laid on the table, don’t make a mistake doing this only when you are nervous about your starting cards. Assuming that you hold a three and a five card of hearts and you predict a straight or a flush. The flop shows a four of hearts or a seven of hearts, don’t check your cards and make sure you hold a couple of hearts. This gesture will make your opponent conceive an idea that you have a chance or that you hold a couple of cards that are not garbage. Keep your cards facing down.

Fifth, know your opponents. If you know how your opponent plays or if you have studied your opponents carefully, you will know when you can fold and avoid being bluffed. The game play will be slight predictable so you have to keep your guard. It will be your great defense when you are threatened.

Sixth, master the art of bluffing. If you don’t know how to bluff, you won’t know when you are being bluffed. Know the right time of bluffing and who to bluff. If you keep on bluffing, even with a straight face, your opponents will already know who you are. Soon you will be seeing yourself trapped in your opponent’s bluff-back strategy.

Winning online poker tournaments

If you are planning to participate in an online poker tournament, there is a simple plan that you can follow. Winning in poker can actually be very different than live tournaments. There is one easy way to handle a tournament online- patience. If you really want to win a poker tournament you will have to be patient. Quite a lot of players tend to think that to be patient is boring which can actually be true. However, most players who win the tournaments regularly would tell you that you would have to be ready to be patient to wait for good hands. Allow the remaining players to battle against themselves and let them knock each other out of the tournament.

Pick the FullTiltPoker table well- At most online poker tournaments on websites like Absolute Poker, Poker Room and Party Poker, you would find a lot of players participating in the tournament at any given time. You would find action there no matter what time you enter the tournament and the tables tend to get filled up quite quickly which can be a very good thing. Not all the players would be good so pick a table where you see a lot of action happening.

Pick the stake level wisely- Another thing to remember is to pick the stake level wisely. Do not head for the $50 tables when you have never played at such stakes before. You will have to start small and then slowly move to the higher stake levels when you are ready for it. It would be important to pick the level that you are comfortable playing with currently.

Fold most hands- This can be very tough to follow, especially for the new players. They would only fold very few hands and when they see that they folded a hand which could have won the pot, their cautious approach would be gone. You will have to remember that each hand that you could have won there are more hands that you couldn’t have. You will have to be very cautious and stick to your strategy.

Bet aggressively on good hands- If you follow this strategy, you will need to win pots when you do get monster hands. For this reason, you will have to bet very aggressively. Do not play slow and do not try to lay any traps unless you know what you are doing. Bet strong when you have good hands so that the opponents would be out of the game.

Change your strategies- As the tournament progresses; you will also have to change your strategies accordingly. By this stage in the tournament, your opponents would have recognized your betting patterns so you should take advantage of it and just change your betting patterns for the late tournament stage.

Avoid all ins- Your main goal would be to get in the final table so that you would be in money. Avoid going all in unless you really know that you have the best possible hand. However, if a short stacked opponent goes all in, take advantage of the opportunity.